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Holds are the major hub for trading and education. During an Interval they act mainly as a gathering area but during a Pass they provide shelter from Fall.  The large holds tend to tie together many smaller holds and cotholds, bringing together thousands of people during Gathers that would otherwise have no contact with each other.  They are governed by a Lord Holder and peace is kept by the Hold's Guards.


Benden is a hold with a moderate climate and good soil, put to profitable use by it’s expansive vine grove. This hold is known on all Pern for it’s exceptional wine made from their groves.



Keroon is a hold known far and wide for it’s beastcrafting talents with runnerbeasts. This hold is exceptionally skilled in breeding runners of all kinds, from heavy drafts to light saddle runners. Here, plenty of pasture can be found for the animals that dot the fields.



A hold set on an island off the shore of the Northern Continent, Ista’s seacraft is the most common form of commerce. Fisherman are extremely numerous here, and a majority of the people are experienced sailors. It’s climate is tropical, very warm, and numerous forms of flora can be found here.



A hold of tropical climate, Nerat is sought after by those who wish to live in warm weather.



Telgar is a hold situated close to mines rich with precious metals. The most prominent forms of labor here are smithing and mining, so those with strong arms and sturdy bodies are most welcome here.   Telgar is also known for its productive fields.


A hold of thieves and cutthroats, Bitra is known for it’s gambling and lechery, for doing what you have to in order to get what you want. Filled with scum and scoundrels, this hold is only for those with tough skin.

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