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Free Spirits, Tormented Souls, Silent Muses....Enter only if you Dare.

"Hey all...I'm Dizzy.  (lol, I just luv saying that)  OUCH!!! Brit!...Ok, sorry. I know that wasn't funny, *glares at Brit* doesn't mean you have to kick me."  *rubs leg*  " that is outta my system, I would like to WELCOME you to LW.  
If you made it this far, you are prolly thinking that you are pretty interested in playing with us and that is great... better than so ROCKS.  You are the reason that we made the site in the first place..." *gulps at the glare she is getting from Brit.* "Ok, it wasn't...I can admit it...really I can.  We did it for ourselves, I know a really selfish reason...but let me explain. Besides I think it might give you insight into why another Pern based RPG. 
Both Brit and I got tried of trying to find a Pern RPG that fit us.  I visited a lot of different sites...I tried the Mushs (talk bout complicated and time consuming)...I said FALL NO! to the email based ones (bad enough trying to keep up with stuff as is.) and I found that most of the Messege board sites weren't realistic... authentic... however you want to put it, so... Brit and I put our heads together and came up with LW.  This is our baby and we love it...we want it to grow and to do that it needs YOU.  We want to hear your opinions on how to make the site friendlier, and all around better.  Please, if you don't like something tell us and we will look into taking care of it... or at least try to explain why it won't change.
You can reach me through ezmessege on the game board, or you can send an email to:   or if you can catch me on, my yahoo im is jynxhadra, my msn im is
*heaves sigh* "Ok, speech over...well, almost over.   One last note, We are more than honored that Ms. Anne McCaffery has allowed us to play in the wonderful world that she created.  We, to the best of our abilities, are going to try to uphold her wishes and her copyright laws.  We encourage all of our members to do the same.  Thanks muches and by all means have fun RPing...I look foreward to seeing you on the boards...Make sure to watch out for Rico...he is quite fond of shiny things;)"

By the EGG, if it does that ONE MORE TIME, I am going to throw this SHARDING laptop against the FLAMING wall and never touch the BLOODY thing again..... *Looks up* Oh! Looks like you guys caught me working on the Board’s Custom Titles. Please excuse the mess....*coughs and vainly tries to use her foot to slide the massacred Custom Titles under the couch* Anyway, I’m Britalia, or Brit, the more sane of the two slightly unstable Keepers of the Lost Weyrs. *Grins at the look Dizzy gave her* Now, I must admit, if you have come this far and are still reading after Dizzy's tirade, I commend your dedication. *Pre-Dodges the probably large and heavy item she knows Dizzy is about to throw* Though, my friends, I jest. Both Dizzy and I have worked extremely hard on both Board and Site to make it worthy of the world Anne has created, and we have went to great lengths to keep it as real as we could.

All graphics seen on Site and Board are custom graphics created by us (keeping us up later than we like to think about sometimes with work the next day.....) to help spice things up and keep it looking authentic. Anyone can search up a few Pern pictures and plaster them around their site, but as Dizzy said, we wanted Lost Weyrs to be different. I hope that you will join this world that we have created, and I will be happy to assist any new Role-Players with any questions (Trust me, with Dizzy around I'm used to the endless questions.....EEP! *rubs the knot now swelling on her head* Ok, so I deserved that one....) and also aid any experienced RPers familiarize themselves with Anne's wonderful Pern. With that said, farewell to all, and do be careful not to get on Calista's bad side. I hope to see you on the Board, and enjoy the Lost Weyrs. ----Britalia

Any Questions, Comments, or Suggestions, you can reach me at, or on yahoo IM as lady_of_frost

All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright ŠAnne McCaffrey 1999- 2004, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

The Dragonriders of PernŽ is Reg U.S. Pat & Tm. Office, by Anne McCaffrey, and may not be used or reproduced without permission of the author.