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A hold set on an island off the shore of the Northern Continent, Ista’s seacraft is the most common form of commerce. Fisherman are extremely numerous here, and a majority of the people are experienced sailors. It’s climate is tropical, very warm, and numerous forms of flora can be found here.

Name: Ista Hold

Current Lord Holders: (Open)

Colors: Orange and White

Location:  Large Island southwest of Keroon 

Population: Every cove with access to the sea seems to be filled with people.

Climate: Tropical, temps rarely get below 55 degrees. quite often is very hot.

Main Products: Native fish, spider claws, fine handiwork, gems, herbs, fiber plants, needlethorn, essences, citrus fruit, sweetcane, peppers, shell jewelry, sapphire, and emeralds of a clear, deep blue-green.

Crafthalls: Secondary Harperhall


Ista Hold RPG

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