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Keroon is a hold known far and wide for it’s beastcrafting talents with runners. This hold is exceptionally skilled in breeding beasts of all kinds, and holders will pay good marks for a Keroon Runner.

Name: Keroon Hold

Current Lord Holders: (Open)

Colors: Gold, White, and Green

Location: A mountain outcropping on the southern part of the Northern Continent.

Climate: Very warm and temperate, even moreso than Benden. Their winters are typically mild, but with being so close to the sea storms and rains are very common. Hardly any trees can be found here, since grasslands overtake almost all the hold. Since there are no trees to buffet it, the plains are also moderately windy.

Main Products: Keroon holds vast plains of grasslands, ideal for raising beasts. They are particularly known for their ability to breed and raise exceptional runnerbeasts, both the heavier breeds to the lighter, swifter kinds. They are very talented with animals of all types, and their skills are renown throughout Pern.

Crafthalls: BeastcraftHall


Keroon Hold RPG

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