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A hold of thieves and cutthroats, Bitra is known for it’s gambling and lechery, for doing what you have to in order to get what you want. Filled with scum and scoundrels, this hold is only for those with tough skin.

Name: Bitra Hold

Current Lord Holders: (Open)

Colors: Red and White

Location: A mountain valley in the far northeast corner of the Northern Continent

Climate: Mostly mild, with just a hint of a chill. Since it is located in a valley, Bitra does not have many winds to speak of, but harsh winters are not uncommon. Summers are rarely hot, though pleasantly warm.

Main Products: It’s main form of income is it’s extensive amount of gambling practices, though it does market a small wood supply. It’s most popular games are: dragon poker, poly-dice, mah-jongg and Tarok. Though Bitrans hate to be cheated upon during such games, they will use their own deceiving skills to no end in order to win. Bitra is a rough hold, but if you have tough skin, then this is the place for you.

Crafthalls: None


Bitra Hold RPG

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