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This is a listing of the NPC and PC characters that call Lateo home.  Also listed are the available jobs inside the Weyr.  Some of the chars can be adopted and not all of the positions are filled...get with the Admins if you want to start RPing a specific character or if you want to apply for a certain job.


Weyrleader: *Deceased*

Sr. Weyrwoman: Kyparla, rider of gold Savath
Weyrlingmaster: Kathrein, rider of brown Tath
Weyrlingmaster's Assitant: *Available for Adoption*

                      T'lon, rider of bronze Teranth
                      E'mion, rider of bronze Malekith
                      J'mie, rider of bronze ___ (npc)

Jr. Weyrwomen: Mariska, rider of gold Zramuth

Wingseconds: D'lyn, rider of Bronze Tristrath
                      F'lor, rider of Brown Ardenth
                      G'sel, rider of Brown Talmith
                      S'hon, rider of Bronze Mazbeth 
Searchriders:  F'ren, rider of Blue Haedeth
                         Anh'llei, rider of Green Amilith

Wingriders: (see Lateo Wing Listing)
Weyrsinger: L'dar, rider of Blue Zirath (NPC)

Dragonhealer: Journeywoman Nufara (NPC)

Retired Dragonriders: Semiretired  Weyrwoman Ollandra, of gold Shimeath (npc)
Weyrlings:  (see Lateo Wing Listing)
Candidates:      Keelan (npc)

Lateo Weyr Wing Listing


Headwoman:  Kezna, *NPC,Available for Adoption*

Stewards:  Doruin (NPC)
                 Brewe (NPC)
                   *More Available for Adoption*

Head Cook:  Fortin

Head Cook's Assistants:  *Available for Adoption*

Butcher: *Available for Adoption*

Weyr Healer:  Monique, rider of green Nightwith (npc)

Tanner:  *Available for Adoption*

Smith:  *Available for Adoption*

Miner:  *Available for Adoption*

Herder:  *Available for Adoption*

Seamstress/Tailor:  *Available for Adoption*

Laundress: *Available for Adoption*

Nurse aka Nanny:  *Available for Adoption*

Drudges: Rylene
              *More Available for Adoption*

Weyrbrats: Teilen
                 *More Available for Adoption*

Aunties/Uncles:  *Available for Adoption*


All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright ŠAnne McCaffrey 1999- 2004, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

The Dragonriders of PernŽ is Reg U.S. Pat & Tm. Office, by Anne McCaffrey, and may not be used or reproduced without permission of the author.