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Lateo was the first of the New Weyrs...the hidden Weyrs.  She was founded 270 turns into the 2nd Long Interval and has been growing stronger everyday since.  Right now she is undergoing some leadership change...Will those Loyal to Pern take over or will it be those Loyal only to themselves? 

Name: Lateo Weyr

Current Weyrleaders: Weyrwoman Ollandra, rider of golden Shimeath; She is to retire when the junior gold Rises in her first Flight.

Wings: 39 Total, 26 per wing

Population: 1014 riders, 1000+ Weyrfolk

Colors: Emerald Green and Gold

Emblem: Emerald Green and Gold Shield, with a Set of Balances in foreground.

Motto: For Pern, we pit our lives: Honor proven by blood....Loyalty proven by sweat.

Location: Southern Continent

Founded: 270 turns into the 2nd Long Interval , the First Weyr established at Southern

Holds beholden:  All Holds of Pern

Description: Lateo is located on the Southern Continent, directly southwest of Nerat Hold, ~ 450 miles across open ocean to be exact. The Weyr proper is located west of the mouth of Paradise River. Remains of an ancient hold have been found not far, dragon back, on the east side of the river’s mouth. Lateo is positioned above a blind cove. On either side of the cove is shear rock preventing access aside from boat or dragon. The east side of the cliff face is lower than the other and it is there that steps were carved into the rock so that the weyrfolk could manage a trip down to the beach to gather sea weed, and the like or to just swim in the warm ocean currents. It is a long dangerous climb, slippery from sea spray and tropical rains. Only the healthy and sound should try this climb, anyone else should ask aid from a weyrling on elevator duty. Large Hemp ropes have been bolted into the cliff face to aid those in the climb.

The cliffs rise high into the air, the highest side reaching well over 1000ft, before breaking over into a gently rolling plain. The plateau holds some fellis trees and many fruit toward the edges, but is made up mostly of tough hardy tropical grasses that the Weyr’s herd beasts, runners, and drays all get fat on. Rocky cliffs and jungle frame out the high plateau. The plain slopes up ward toward the southern edge, ending in another rocky cliff face. To the west side of the plain, is a dormant volcano rising into the atmosphere. That is where the hatching sands have been placed. Over the last century many dragon queens and their mates have polished the stone entrance smooth. It does not have the grand viewing area like Fort, but it is capable of holding three clutching queens at the same time.

The Weyrhall, infirmary, and kitchens are all housed in a large rock and mortar building built right up against the southern most cliff face. The opening to the main hall faces the east, as all Pernese buildings should. The cliff acts as a sentinel standing watch on the people below. It is on these heights that the dragons usually choose to sun themselves. The Weyr’s support staff is housed in small rock and mortar cottages that are built on a grid type plane. Many of the riders live in similar buildings with only a wallow for their life mates, but the dragons don’t seem to mind much. All the buildings, from storage to housing, have thick slate roofs.

The ’bowl’ is in the center of this grid and is large enough to accommodate two full wings at a time.

Large, natural caves do pock the cliffs in this area and over the last 123 turns the people of Lateo have hewn them out to accommodate a rider and his or her dragon. But as hard as they have worked, there is still not enough weyrs to house Lateo’s growing dragon numbers. The Weyrleader complex and the weyrs for the junior golds have been under construction for the past 50 odd turns and it is still several turns away from being finished. Not all the Weyrs or Cots have plumbing, at least not a bathing area so a communal bathing pool is utilized. It has been craved out of a cave on the lower levels of the cliff heights and is heated from the hot magma that flows so close to the surface in this area. The bathing chamber has a large pool, with a continuous flow of water, keeping it ever fresh and clean. Steps have been carved into the pool along with benches, the floor goes from shallow to very deep on one edge. Beautiful natural columns lend to an over all peaceful setting. Glows add a soft light to the area. It smells of flowers, oils, and sweet sand. The Weyr’s main water supply comes from a cavern that branches off from the bathing chamber.

There are also weyrholds that are scattered throught the jungles around the Weyr proper. These range from small holdings that raise just enough food for themselves and a small tithe to weyrholds that are able to provide food and supplies for the entire Weyr. Dragonriders often live among these people, our have family there. It has become tradition, a way of keeping the holds, crops and live stock safe from felines and wherries, to keep a dragon or two and most are happy to welcome sons, daughters or dragon rider mates into the weyrholds.


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