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Here we have inclosed verious Links that you might find helpful in your quest to RP to the best of your ability an authentic Pern.

Healer Info

A great resource for all those healers out there. This was designed to aid those that rp inside the Pern MUSH, but it also suits our site as well. A great asset. I would advise anyone who wants to RP out a healer persona to take a look.


Yet another good source for use in rping out a healer. HarperTales has a vast array of info.

Jenaith's Weyr

A wonderfully put together page. It has herbal remedies for people as well as dragons. It also deals with dragon genetics, very informative


A nice guide for all those interested in dragon healing.

Weaver Info

Also a great resource, this site is an aid to anyone who has interest in the Weaver craft. Also a part of Pern MUSH.

Baker Info

Yet another aid to Pern MUSH, this gives recipes for those that would like to RP out the role of Headcook in Weyr, Hold, or Hall.

Guard Guide

This site is an aid for those who would like to RP a guard char.

The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey’s official site. Contains many more links and info regarding this wonderful author and her works.

Pern Info

A very informative webpage developed by a fan. It gives a very detailed page long overview of Pern. Great for those new to the world of Pern or for those that have been out of the loop for sometime and would like to refresh their memory.

Writing with Color

This has a Hex color chart and also has many descriptive words dealing with color. If you are looking for a word to help spice up your writing, you might start by looking here.

Name Generator

A fantasy name generator for all those that dislike having to come up with a name.

If you have any Links to sites that you think might need to be added, please don't hesitate, send them to Britalia or Dizzy.  We will look them over and, if approriate, add them to the LW website.

All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright ŠAnne McCaffrey 1999- 2004, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

The Dragonriders of PernŽ is Reg U.S. Pat & Tm. Office, by Anne McCaffrey, and may not be used or reproduced without permission of the author.