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Sodalis is the second Weyr to be located on Southern.  She was birthed when Lateo started out growing her bounds.  The smaller of the two hidden Weyrs, Sodalis still can boast a strong compliment of riders and weyrpersonal.  Not always of the same mind as Lateo, she tends to harbor more rebellious tendencies.

Name: Sodalis Weyr

Current Weyrleaders: Weyrleader J'ren, rider of bronze Beodith, Weyrwoman Merda, rider of golden Caliath

Wings: 31 Total, 26 per wing

Population: 806 riders, 900+ Weyrfolk

Colors: Red and Silver

Emblem: A Starburst on a Red and Silver Shield

Motto: We cannot change our Past...Do we Dare Forge our Futures?

Location: Southern Continent

Founded: 80 turns after Lateo, the Second Weyr established at Southern

Holds beholden: All Holds of Pern

Description: Sodalis is located farther inland than Lateo. It has a climate much like fort hold. Moderate winters and cool summers. The barren wastes separate Lateo and Sodalis, boat or dragon back are the only safe, fast economical ways to get goods or people from one Weyr to the other. Sodalis is where Honshu was built. The dragon riders, while exploring deeper into Southern flew over and found the ancient hold. After further study, a decision was made to house some of Lateo’s growing population there. Sodalis has been around for 70 turns now. The hall, kitchens, infirmary and weyrfolk are all housed in the main hold’s many levels. The pride of Sodalis is the paintings in the main hall. The landscape is terraced, leading down to a river deep and wide enough to bath dragons and to irrigate crops. Most of the riders live in natural caves that have been modified or they live in stone and mortar cots. Weyrs are on both sides of the river, and the hatching sands are housed in an extinct volcano found in the west barrier range not far from Sodalis. Weyrholds have also sprung up in the fertile fields surrounding the Weyr proper. Some of the riders who have yet to gain a proper weyr for their dragons spend extended stays at Lateo, if the weather is extremely bad. This need for Lateo has lead to some harsh feelings in past turns.

Sodalis has a similar grid pattern to her housing with the ‘bowl’ in the center. Albeit still large, she can only hold a wing and a half on her surface.


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