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There is no religion on Pern, nor do they have any inhabitions about sex.  Their curses and oaths pertain to what they hold dear and what they fear.  Mainly the Dragons, Thread, and the Red Star.
We on LW ask that you only use Pernese swears, oaths and curses...all part of keeping it real.  There is no Hell...only between and Fall.  Have fun making up your own.




Crackdust, shards: annoyance or disbleief


That's well dusted: nasty, unpleasant


Born under the Red Star: unlucky, disliked or someone evil


Bend a tail: to defecate


Has a dragon's two stomachs: endless appetite


A hunk of firestone; all gas and ash: blowhard or braggart


Wherry teeth: nonsense, don't believe you


Wherry hunt: 'wild-goose chase'


Tail fork first: backward


Like trying to draw an inside straight in Bitra: next to impossible


Bitrain Odds: not a chance


Hatching fire Lizards: castles in the clouds


Shaffit!: irritation


Chew it raw and swallow: accept the inevitable


Dragon among the wherries:  wolf among the sheep


Smokelss weyrling: disparagement meaning useless




Scorch the shell and sear the skin





By the first shell 


By the First Egg


By the first Egg of Faranth's clutch


By Faranth


By the Shards of my Dragon's Egg


Through Fog, Fall, and Fire


Heard and Witnessed

The Dragon Lover's Guide to Pern pg 104-105

All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright ŠAnne McCaffrey 1999- 2004, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.

The Dragonriders of PernŽ is Reg U.S. Pat & Tm. Office, by Anne McCaffrey, and may not be used or reproduced without permission of the author.