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The outline of Crafthall structure. Here is detailed the ranks of the Halls, from Elder to Craftmaster.

Craftmaster: The overall authority of a craft, the Craftmaster remains at the main Hall of their craft profession until retirement or unescapable circumstances (such as Robintons illness) act upon them. They supervise every member of their craft, and every Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master is under their word. They are the experts of their particular field, the very best at what they do. They are responsible for training Apprentices and Journeymen in their craft, and they decide upon when each student should advance. They also oversee all rank advancement ceremonies, which in the Crafts is known as ‘Walking the Tables." His rank cords are three strings twisted together, which are looped three times around his shoulder.

Craftmaster’s Assistant: This is a man or woman of no crafting rank, whose only job is to aid the Craftmaster in whatever they need done. Being the upmost authority of a Craft is extremely busy work, and so the responsibility of running a Hall falls to the Master’s assistant. They also assign many important positions in the hall.

Master: An expert in their respected Craft, they are one rank step below the Craftmaster. They do not always reside at the main Hall of their craft, and instead sometimes choose to settle in Holds about Pern or travel. They are above the Journeymen and Apprentices in rank, and are nearly as knowledgeable as their Craftmasters. They help the Craftmaster select which Apprentices and Journeymen are ready to advance in rank. Also, they take in likely candidates under their tutelage, and they train them as Apprentices in their craft. Their rank cords are three strings twisted together and looped around their shoulders twice.

Journeyman/Journeywoman: Those of their respected crafts that have advanced in rank past Apprenticeship. They, as their name suggests, travel Pern, living in Holds and, in times past, Weyrs practicing their craft. They have been selected by the Craftmaster to be knowledgeable enough of their craft to continue to practice it alone, without the observation of the Masters. They, like the Masters, take in candidates as Apprentices and teach them their craft, sending them back to the main Hall when they deem them ready. They must take oral and practical exams in order to advance in rank. Their rank cords are three strings twisted together and looped around their shoulder once.

Apprentice: Those of a craft who are just beginning to learn the practice. They are under the Journeymen, Masters, and Craftmaster. They are either taught by Journeyman or Masters. They remain either at the main Hall under the masters, or live where their Journeymen stay. Apprenticeship commonly lasts five to seven years, but if the Apprentice is aspiring towards mastership, it requires many more years and intense study. They owe obedience to their Journeymen or Master, and must take many oral and practical exams showing their full abilities before advancement in rank. Their rank cords are two strings twisted together looped around their shoulder once.

Headwoman: She is selected by the Craftmaster, and supervises the general domestic machinery of the Hall. Among her duties are the care of the young and old; the supervision of food collection, storage, and preparation; Hall maintenance; and nursing, supervised by the Hall's healer. She answers directly to the Craftmaster. (one per Hall)

Stewards: They make sure that the Headwoman's orders are carried out to the T. They organize supplies, oversee repairs and replacement to furniture, rugs, tapestries, clothing, sleeping furs, boots, and provide hide for the repair of the harness for the plows. They also oversee the inventory of the Hall. From foodstuffs to medicines to the Wine and Beer brewed by the Hall, they keep and give the Headwoman a report at the end of each sevenday. They are the extra hands, eyes and ears that the Headwoman needs. The Stewards oversee the work done by the drudges. They also watch over the work being done in the fields and stables. (As many as the Craftmaster's Assistant and Headwoman deem needed.)

Head Cook: Oversees the day to day meal prep for the Hall. He or She also oversees the prep work behind any special occasion, such as Gathers. Assigns duties to his/her assistants. The head cook is appointed by the Craftmaster's Assistant, or the Headwoman. (One per Hall.)

Head Cook's Assistants: Just as the name suggestes, this are the people that get their hands dirty so to speak. They, under the direction of the head cook, prepare the meals for the Hall. They cut, chop, and gather all the things nesserary in the making of a meal. (As many as the Craftmaster's Assistant, Headwoman and HeadCook deem needed.)

Butcher: Oversees the slaughter and cleaning of herdbeasts and wherries. Keeps the cool rooms of the Hall stocked. (As many as the Craftmaster's Assistant deems needed...Usually one and then his/her assistants)

Healer: The man or woman, usually a journeyman, assigned to the Hall to aid and over see the major medical emergencies to the smallest splinter or bruise. They administer medicines when needed and work in concert with the Craftmaster's Assistant and Headwoman in the gathering of medicinal herbs. They also oversee all nursing done by the Headwoman and those that she assigns to the task. They answer to the Healer Hall and the Masterhealer. (One or two per Hall)

Herder: Cares for the Hall's livestock.

Seamstress/Tailor: Not everyone in the Hall can handle a needle nor do they like too. Those who lack the time can bring their garments to the Seamstress or Tailor to have them repaired or they can commission new ones to be made. (As many as the Hall can support. Usually one and his/her assistants.)

Laundress: Oversees the care of the Hall's laundry. (as the Headwoman deems needed.)

Nurse aka Nanny: Takes care of the Hallbrats that are still too young to be assigned chores. Nursing mothes stop by to feed babes that have not yet been weaned.

Drudges: The untrained majority. They make up the main workforce. Usually lacking in any particular skill, they do the more menial type tasks that most would rather avoid.

Hallbrats: The children and foster childern of the Hall, including the Craftmaster's own.

Aunties/Uncles: Those that are entering into their twilight years. Well respected by the younger folk, they willingly give advice. Usually cared for by the daughters of a Hall.


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