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Farmers are the ones who develope new growing practices to raise the quality of Pern's vegetable supply. They are experts on soils and plants.

Name: Farm Hall

Current Craftmaster: (Open)

Colors: Golden-Yellow

Purpose: Like the Beastcraft, Tannercraft, Weaver-craft, and Bakercraft, the Farmcraft is the science for the average farmer. It provides the holder with the fruit of Turns of experience and the results of experiments to which the holder does not have to sacrifice precious dragonlengths of land.

The Farmcraft is aware of the uses of cross-pollination to produce larger and healthier root vegetables, sweeter redroots, or bigger tubers, and it understands the need for fertilization to keep the soil from becoming exhausted. The Masterfarmer himself takes on the task of negotiating with Nerat fishermen for fish heads and bones to enrich the soil. His journeymen travel through the farmlands advising small holders on matters of healthy soil, suggesting where to plant what for superior yield, and acting as arbiters on when to plant certain crops. Small cot-holders often refuse, as a matter of pride, to follow the journeymen's directions, but eventually common sense wins out. One problem that has never been solved is the difficulty the holders have with propagating broad roots.

Location: Nerat Hold


Information curtesy of the Dragonlover's Guide to Pern


The Halls RPG

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