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The Harpers of Pern...teachers, judges, and smooth-talkers, these men and woman  are a group to be well respected. Manipulators when they need to be, the Harpers can leave you feeling as if you should agree with everything they say....

Name: Harper Hall

Current Craftmaster: (Open)

Colors: Blue

Purpose: The harpers began as the teachers who gave children their basic instruction before sending them on to other assignments for which they showed aptitude, and as the musicians who entertained the Hold in the evenings after the day's work. Gradually the Craft evolved in a similar direction to the druidic tradition on ancient Earth: prognosticator, judge, and bard.

The Harper Halls purpose is the dissemination of information. The network of journeymen and Masters across Pern keeps all the Holds, Halls, and Weyrs in touch with one another. Musically skilled people can begin their apprenticeships in distant Halls, though the Harper Hall does not recruit outside students for its information-gathering service. Masterharpers prefer to study likely candidates at close range. A single misplaced or indiscreet message can badly damage the Hall's credibility as an unbiased judge.

A harper negotiates his own contract with the Holder seeking to employ him. He may choose privileges rather than marks, or a combination of perquisites and money, such as a few marks, a runner beast, a choice apartment, and certain foods. Haggling for services can go just as smartly as any chaffer at a Gather. If a harper is permanently assigned to a post, he is expected to settle down and marry a local woman. If he is temporary, he will probably make himself popular with the ladies, not limiting his attentions to a single one who will be brokenhearted when he leaves. One of his duties is to help arrange marriages for young men and women both inside and outside the Hold.

Location: Fort Hold


Information curtesy of the Dragonlover's Guide to Pern


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