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Queens Wing

Sr. Weyrwoman Merda, rider of Golden Caliath
Jr. Weyrwoman Revonna, rider of Golden Rylonith

The Queens Wing is a low flying wing, actually it is the lowest flight pattern taken on during a Fall. The clean up crew if you will, the gold riders carry agenothree tanks strapped to their dragons and to themselves. With these ’flamethrowers’ they pick up any stray strands that the Fighting dragons might have missed. They also aid the ground crews in clean up long after the Fall has passed. They wait, or at least the Wingleader (traditionally the most Sr. Queen) for a report from the Lord Holder or his Steward. They hold up their job as ambassador for the Weyr even during Fall, giving sympathy to those that have been hurt and passing on condolences to those that have lost loved ones.

The Queen’s Wing is also termed the Mommy Wing or Maternity Wing. (Although you will never hear this within earshot of a gold rider) Many green riders spend a stint in this Wing when they are put on limited duty during pregnancy. It also has been known to be made up of those that are just coming back on active duty from the injured lists. Those who can’t obey orders are sometimes also put here where the golds can keep a close rein on them.

Merda, Sodalis’ Sr. Weyrwoman and the Wingleader of the Queens Wing will not tolerate any type of foolishness, she flies a very tight Wing and those under her soon find this out. Just because it is a low flight Wing doesn’t mean that the riders can slack. Sometimes it is even more dangerous than the upper levels… Mountains and trees don’t move, not even for a gold dragon.

Sodalis Weyr Wing Listing

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